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They Left This Out Of FIFA '06

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Congratulations, Philadelphia sports fans... you are officially off the hook. I think this one even tops booing players as they're wheeled out on stretchers.

The Liverpool soccer club in England has written a letter of apology to Manchester United after Liverpool fans engaged in some hostile behavior towards United fans. Liverpool supportes threw coins, various food items, and oh yeah, human excrement. I think they also used vulgar language.


You just can't throw doody. I mean, I know we all feel the temptation on a daily basis, but you have to fight it. I mean, I can't tell you how many times I've thought to myself, yes, right now is the time to drop trou, relieve myself, pick it up with my bare hands, and hurt it at another human being. But every time, I held back.

Anfield admits excrement thrown at Utd fans [SoccerNet]

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