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They're Finally, Finally Making An Action Park Documentary

If the above image fills you with confusion, fear, repulsion, and curiosity: Congratulations, you’re human, and you understand how physics work. If you already know exactly what you’re looking at: Welcome back to Action Park, motherfuckers.


Class Action Park, a feature-length documentary by Chris Charles Scott and Seth Porges (who released a short doc a few years ago), is coming soon to the festival circuit, and it promises the deepest look yet into the infamous New Jersey water park that still haunts the dreams of anyone who grew up nearby in the ‘80s and ‘90s. “Ruled by drunk teenage employees and frequented by drunker teenage guests ... the end result lay somewhere between Lord of the Flies and a Saw movie.”

Here’s the trailer, released today:

My personal butcher’s bill from trips to Action Park included a shredded knee on the alpine slide, a mangled toe on the roaring rapids, a rung bell on the Tarzan swing, and an unexpected enema on the speed slides. In other words, I got off lucky. Probably because I only started going after the Cannonball Loop finally admitted defeat to gravity.

[Class Action Park]

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