Thibs Is Still Working On Jimmy Butler

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Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor is turning up the heat on Scott Layden and Tom Thibodeau to move quickly on a deal to move a disgruntled Jimmy Butler out of town. But that doesn’t mean Thibodeau is ready to abandon the zombie Bulls project just yet—according to Woj, Thibs is staying after Butler while he’s still got him under team control:

Thibs said Monday that he still expects Jimmy Butler to show up for Timberwolves training camp, allowing that Butler may still need a little time for “some rehab and conditioning work.” Woj’s report seems to indicate that Butler’s absence has less to do with fitness and everything to do with putting pressure on the Wolves to make a deal. And there are apparently deals to be made:


The clashing priorities of Taylor and the man running his basketball team will be fascinating to watch play out as the NBA preseason kicks into gear. Taylor wants Butler moved quickly; Thibs wants Butler in training camp. Both men are articulating their preferences publicly, though the media. There’s a definite non-zero chance this conflict will end with Minnesota’s basketball operations infrastructure blowing up and being rebuilt less than a month before the start of the season.