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Thief Breaks Into Popeye's, Eats 16 Slices Of Pie, Gets Tired From Eating All The Pie, Takes Nap, Gets Arrested

A enterprising and hungry man recently committed maybe the most agreeable crime in the history of Baltimore, and surely tested the limits of the Baltimore PD's tactical command units in the process, by breaking into a Popeye's, committing a daring robbery, and then...

N. Broadway, 300 block, Feb. 19, 5:17 a.m. Police responded to Popeye's in reference to a burglary. Upon arrival, they found a 62-year-old man asleep on the floor. Security camera footage revealed that he had eaten 16 slices of pie, applesauce, and water. He apparently got sleepy from all the pie, and took a nap on the floor. He was arrested.


Understandable, and like some previous late-night desert-driven crimes, seemingly a good opportunity for an ad campaign. Not only does Popeye's have pie—who knew?—but it's so good you'll eat 16 pieces of it and then pass out on the floor in a diabetic coma.

Unrelated, we're putting a $10 bounty on that security footage. Get to it, I-Team.

Note: Picture is not of the suspect but instead a participant in 2008's Wookey Hole Big Eat 2008 mince pie eating contest. Seems about right, though.

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