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Things That Draw In Denver When Attendance Is Dead

As you may or may not know (probably the latter) the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche aren't doing so well from a financial standpoint. Hell, the Broncos have already begun downsizing. For some reason the city of Denver isn't stuffing enough cash into the coffers of their pro franchises. Of course there must be a way to draw fans in Denver, and the National Lacrosse League's Denver Mammoth have found it.

The league has sought to make its dancers, music, marketing and logos "edgy" in a bid to connect with the 12- to 19-year-old demographic. The Mammoth have resorted to those tactics, too, making a range of eye-catching moves, including seating some fans in hot tubs beside women in bikinis.


Here's the one picture I was able to find of the hot tub in question...

It doesn't take an MBA to recognize brilliance... no matter what Shanoff may tell you. I'm just not sure I'm crazy about using women in bikinis to draw attention to your product. Surely I'd never partake in such nonsense.

Hot Tubs And Women In Bikinis Will Always Help Attendance [FanIQ]

Original Mammoth hot tub picture via Flickr


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