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Things To Do In Phoenix When You're Drinking

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Phoenix, Ariz. Home of The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals. Birthplace of Barry Bonds. Spot for an unusually high number of UFO Sightings.

And now, the most famous landmark of all: 1800's Saloon, the Phoenix bar owned and operated by Christopher Noteboom, the guy who ran on the field in Philadelphia to spread his mother's ashes.


The bar itself? What's it like? A reader writes: "It s a rough biker bar, the type of place you wouldn t be surprised to find a stray eyeball on the floor after a bar fight."

We love it. If you're in Phoenix, or ever in Phoenix, we highly recommend popping by for a few cold ones. And, uh, while you're there, it wouldn't hurt you to check out a Buzzsaw game either.

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