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Third Circuit Tosses Indecency Fine Against CBS For Jackson's Nipple

In a victory for fans of nipples everywhere, a three judge panel of the Third Circuit found that the FCC "acted abitrarily and capriciously" in imposing their fine against CBS.

CBS executives reacted with glee. "The ten million dollars in legal fees that this dispute has cost us is well worth the $550,000 we've saved in penalties." Even though they didn't say that, lawyers across America thank CBS nonetheless for keeping us employed and allowing us to bill while we read this item. That's another .2 of legal research guys. Write it up.


Proving how little your own life has changed and how slow the wheels of American justice turn, it has now been almost five years since the Super Bowl nipple ruined the lives of American children.

Federal Appeals Court throws out CBS' fine for 'wardrobe malfunction' [ESPN}

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