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This Ain't It, Team That Appropriates A Chief

Screenshot: ABC Action News

The Skins beat the Buccaneers 16-3 yesterday, and apparently a victory over a three-win squad gave some social media doofus the gumption to try to dunk on the losers online.


The Skins account tweeted the clip after the game but eventually deleted it. Was there some kind of rivalry with the Bucs? The original clip was from a presser last week, when Tampa Bay head coach Dirk Koetter tossed out some pieces of Bit-O-Honey, his favorite candy, to media members.

But why would Koetter be throwing losses to reporters? Wouldn’t he be the one receiving all the losses, since the Bucs are 3-6? Also, if you wanted to make the video fit within the canon of the Bucs doing weird things, wouldn’t Koetter be eating the L’s just like QB Jameis Winston once tried to eat a W that was actually his hand? The Skins probably deleted it for these plot holes, or maybe they scrapped it because it’s manipulative and weird to try to give a brand a personal voice.

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