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Illustration for article titled This British Lads Body Art Is Quickly Becoming A Chronicle Of Failed Soccer Predictions

Meet Jamie. He’s a Leeds United supporter who was proper chuffed when his beloved club made it to the English Championship playoff semifinal, and was likely chuffed even further after they took a 1-0 lead against Derby County in the first leg. Jamie was so excited, in fact, that he decided to preemptively get a tattoo celebrating the playoff victory on his shoulder. He told the BBC that he got it because he “felt like the team needed a bit of a boost.” Sadly, the boost was not enough to help his squad after his interview aired on Wednesday, as they fell 4-2 in the second leg to come up short with a 4-3 aggregate score.

But diehard fans getting celebratory tattoos isn’t anything special. What makes ol’ Jamie a true ledge is that tattoo on his hip that celebrates England winning the World Cup in 2018. The only problem with that tattoo is that England not only missed out on the final itself, but they also lost the third-place game against Belgium. It’s a rare bad tat double-whammy.

The good news for Jamie is that a) since Leeds will still be in the Championship next season, he’ll only have to correct one detail on his tattoo if they have another great year and b) he seems to have plenty of blank space on his body for more tattoos of bad predictions.


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