We know what time it is. The St. Louis Cardinals clinched a playoff berth, which means that St. Louis Cardinal fans—the worst, wackest, whitest fanbase in all of sports—are going to hit us with an indescribably corny music video.

And what we have here is triple-distilled caucasity in sonic form. A merry little band of hall monitors this year decided to do a cover of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," because of course. They also threw in a rap verse. Whatever.

It's dangerous to keep piling on hate for Cardinals fans, because then they make dumb noises about persecution, and foolishly think that hatred for them is actually displaced jealousy for the success of their baseball team. They take pride in it.


But really, Cardinals fans should realize they're hated because they're bitchy and racist and lack any and all self-awareness, and each individual is the personification of lukewarm mayonnaise. Look at this shit:

And I don't even like baseball.

Update: They've removed the video from Youtube. Kind of a corny move in itself, right?