This Demented Letter About A Packers Party Is In Comic Sans, Of Course

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Green Bay Press-Gazette editor Amy Bailey wrote her Oct. 1 column about an incident at a Packers viewing party she attended. It was straightforward: A man said, "It's a big ol' nigger pile," during a fumble, and Bailey called him out for saying a racist thing. Because yes, calling a scrum for a football a "nigger pile" is racist. One man didn't like how Bailey handled it, and sent a two-page letter in Comic Sans font. It is the work of an insane person.

Bailey said there was no full name or return address. So, yes, this guy sent an anonymous letter (again, in Comic Sans) bitching at the columnist for not having the courage to have a private conversation with the man who said something racist.


There is no way "RR" isn't at least 60 years old.

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