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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Just look at this idiot. Maritzburg United goalkeeper Glenn Verbauwhede, of the South African Premier Soccer League, has developed an incredibly crazy strategy of baiting referees into giving opponents fouls. First, he lures opposing players into his personal space, then intentionally lunges at their legs with his head (???) while pretending he’s just scooping up the ball, and hopes the ref thinks the resulting clash was the other guy’s fault.

Though this move is inarguably dumb, it’s also apparently effective. As you can see in the video above, the second time ol’ Glenn butts his noggin up against another player’s legs, the referee gives the other guy a yellow card for ... failing to dodge the move quick enough? Sure, the Golden Arrows player lifts his boot a little bit at the beginning, but whose first reaction to some guy chucking his head at your knee cap wouldn’t be to protect yourself?


At any rate, Verbauwhede has created a new technique that appears to work for him. Hopefully it never catches on, but we’re not ones to poo-poo innovation.


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