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This Evening: Brad Marchand Knows Kris Draper's Daughter Once Pooped In The Stanley Cup, Right?

Your p.m. roundup for Aug. 29, the day we first heard your college actually existed. Photo via Puck Daddy. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


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Roger Ebert's incredible 1970 interview with Lee Marvin, on the anniversary of Lee Marvin's death: "Another record dropped on the turntable: faint, ghostly harp music. Marvin whirled wildly, looking up into the shadows of the far corners of the room. ‘Jesus, mother,' he said, ‘will you please stay out of the room? I asked you to come only at night.' He hit the reject button. ‘I studied violin when I was very young,' he said. ‘You think I'm a dummy, right? I'm only in dummies. The Dirty Dozen was a dummy money-maker, and baby, if you want a money-maker, get a dummy.' By now he was rummaging around in the bedroom. ‘Lee,' Louise said, ‘you're not going to put it on and parade around in it again? Are you?' ‘Where is it?' Marvin said. ‘I think it's in your second drawer,' Louise said. ‘His cap and gown. He got an honorary degree.'" [Esquire]


This Date In Deadspin History

Aug. 29, 2006: TJ Simers Hates ESPN, Along With You And Everything Else


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Is there anything this beer vendor doesn't do? "'Dan, I was at the game on Thursday afternoon in sec. 116. Shortly after the game began, a young man a few seats away started choking on some food he had eaten. Immediately, the man who was selling beer and water in our section put down his blue container and began to perform the Heimlich maneuver. While undertaking this procedure he remained calm and ensured the boy's frantic mother that it was going to be alright. After a short period, he was successful and the food was dislodged. After another employee arrived to help, he calmly picked up his blue container and went back to work.....I think this hero should be commended and rewarded by the Nats organization.' … The vendor in question was Emmanuel Marlow, a 49-year old D.C. native who now lives in Bowie. He's done the vending thing at FedEx Field, RFK Stadium and Nats Park, selling beverages and performing guest services for Rocket Man, one of the contractors at area sports venues. Marlow's 'day' job—which begins at 3 in the morning—involves caring for patients with Parkinson's; he helps bathe, shave, massage and feed several such patients." [DC Sports Bog]


Good luck trying to buy a Dodgers cap at Dodger Stadium: "At this point, my employee friend explained that the team has been having problems with it's merchandiser, Facilities Management Inc. You might remember that on August 10th, that merchandiser, FMI, requested protection from the Dodgers in federal bankruptcy court. It turns out, we learned after talking to a few retail salespeople around the stadium, that FMI stopped ordering new merchandise for this season three months ago. Due to low attendance (gate attendance is even worse than the Dodgers' struggling paid attendance), FMI is not going to make back the $4.5 million it pays for the exclusive right to sell merchandise at Dodger stadium this season. So why sink money into apparel that won't get sold?" [Pitchers & Poets]

Todd Bozeman's situation may have lessons for Bruce Pearl: "All these years later, Bozeman is still a trivia question, of sorts. ‘Who is the only head coach in Division I basketball history to receive a show-cause penalty and ultimately land another head coaching gig?' Hint: it's not Clem Haskins or Kelvin Sampson or Dave Bliss. The answer is, indeed, Todd Bozeman. Now, the entire state of Tennessee—and the college basketball world as a whole—wonder if Bruce Pearl will ever join that trivia question." []


Your Argentinian 7UP Commerical Interlude:

The life of a journeyman NFL kicker: "The kicking industry is bizarre. The Jets say they get roughly 10 unsolicited tapes per day from kickers in the spring and at least one per day during the season. Westhoff thinks there are around 15 players not on NFL rosters who could help in camp in case of emergency. That hasn't stopped thousands of tapes from pouring in. In the 1990s, when he was with Miami, Westhoff got a tape from the son of an Arabian oil sheik. His father flew his son to the Dolphins training facility, where he tried out. (He was pretty good, according to Westhoff, but lacked form and lift.) He has received tapes from nearly every country-though most international submissions are from western European soccer players. The less exotic tapes come from kicking schools run by ex-NFL kickers, which typically supply teams with most ‘camp legs.'" [Wall Street Journal]


We are all Dave McKenna CCVI: Here's your daily link to Dave McKenna's brilliant "The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder," which we'll be posting until the power goes out permanently on Snyder's dumbass libel lawsuit.

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