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This Evening: Hideki Irabu Highlights Are In High Demand

Your p.m. roundup for July 28, the day we learned only losers live in Brooklyn. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

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What we're watching (all times EDT, unless noted): There are some options this evening. MLB Network has regional coverage of Giants-Phillies and Pirates-Braves, with both starting at 7 p.m. The Golf Channel has Nationwide Tour coverage of the Utah Championship that starts at 6:30, while ESPN is carrying the X Games, beginning at 7. The Speed Network is airing a tape-delayed broadcast of the Ansell Protective Gloves 200 at 8, the same time ESPN2 will be showing the Juventus-Guadalajara World Football Challenge. And then there's HBO's premiere of its hour-long documentary on Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit, the trailer for which you can view after the jump.

Trade Fucking Deadline!

Ken Rosenthal throws some shit against the wall: Scouts! Watching prospects! Crazy! [FOX Sports/Yardbarker]
The Astros still have Hunter Pence: Same as yesterday. [@SI_JonHeyman]
Rafael Furcal has lots and lots of suitors: As in, "multiple teams." [@Buster_ESPN]

Read Me: Today's Story That Doesn't Suck

Ed Hinton remembers his late wife: "We met in the middle of the hardwood floor and embraced, hugged each other for dear life, for a long time, sort of swaying, as John Lennon and Paul McCartney continued their timeless song. She was in her stocking feet. Always in her stocking feet. Never wore shoes in the house. Would have gardened in her stocking feet if she could. Would have walked the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Broadway and Piccadilly Circus in her stocking feet if she could. Would have stood as an activist mom before city councils and county commissions and walked the halls of Mashburn Elementary and Southwest Guilford High School and Auburn University in her stocking feet if she could. Would have conducted business in her stocking feet if she could. Would have climbed Blood Mountain, her favorite on the Appalachian Trail, in her stocking feet if she could. Maybe it was because of her 5-foot, 9-inch height that she never felt comfortable in shoes. Whatever the reasons, Lord knows how many thousand pairs of pantyhose that woman went through, just wearing out the toes and heels." [ESPN]


This Date In Deadspin History

July 28, 2006: Welcome, Chorizo!



Free Darko on "Try A Little Tenderness": "Redding recorded 'Try A Little Tenderness' because Sam Cooke had. Everything Cooke touched had a golden quality; he made other singers see potential everywhere, even in material that Cooke himself hadn't exactly pushed to the limit (If restraint was Cooke's most potent weapon as an interpreter, it was also code for all that he stood for as a stylist). In the studio, Otis amplified Sam Cooke's 'Tenderness,' turning it from a handy little number into a vehicle for, well, soul (he nearly did the same with 'Tennessee Waltz') and splitting its plaintive core wide open. The more tenderness Redding tries, or suggests trying, the more he found it already waiting there; along with strength, passion and the clarity that the daily grind and macho posturing can block from view. In Redding's hands, 'Try A Little Tenderness' became a celebration, not only of romance, but of honesty and self-discovery. Redding, who isn't even talking about his woman but gets just as caught up as if he were, makes the song about discovery, not problem-solving. For the narrator, 'Tenderness' is an occasion to tear the house of self down." [The Awl]


Kevin Kolb will get how much from Arizona?: "The Cardinals ponied up to get Kolb, extending his contract five years for $63 million with over $20 million guaranteed, according to Adam Caplan of" []

Oh, look. UNC is hiring a football coach and an AD: "Baddour's announcement comes less than 18 hours after UNC announced the firing of football coach Butch Davis. 'We can't get better without making a change,' Thorp said about the decision to replace Davis. Baddour, who has been the AD for 15 years, will continue to work at UNC, at least through the university's scheduled meeting with the NCAA's Committee on Infractions on Oct. 28. Baddour did not specify when he would leave but he will be paid through the remainder of his contract, which runs through next June, Thorp said." [Raleigh News-Observer]


1970s Iran Air commerical interlude:

Oklahoma! Again!: "Under NCAA bylaws, a 'repeat violator' can face a minimum of having the sport dropped for one or two seasons with no scholarships provided for two seasons. The NCAA infractions committee has the authority to override such a designation. In a summary disposition report put together jointly with NCAA investigators, the school conceded that it does qualify under the description of repeat violator — having two major infractions cases within five years in the same sport — but said previous cases show those penalties 'are not appropriate in this case.' 'This is an isolated incident involving a single member of the coaching staff, who clearly knew his lack of action to prevent or report the violation was not acceptable,' the university said. [ESPN]


The New Globetrotters?: "The lineup MVP had announced was the kind of team one could only see at an NBA All-Star game or major international event. Although there has been a strong tradition of NBA players traveling to Manila for exhibitions - Walt Frazier led an NBA selection against Philippine pros in 1975. Then, in 1979, Wes Unseld, Elvin Hayes and the Washington Bullets played in Manila. As late as 1997, an in-career Shaquille O'Neal brought the touring 'Team Shaq' to town for a game that's mostly remembered for when Shaq lifted 5-foot-7 point guard Johnny Abarrientos and allowed him to dunk - those games couldn't rival the pair of exhibitions MVP planned to throw. Kobe, Durant, Rose and Paul would be joined by Derek Fisher, Tyreke Evans, James Harden, JaVale McGee and 2011 no. 2 pick Derrick Williams. That combination of budding stars, decorated veterans, and one of the 10 best players in NBA history had never been seen before in the Philippines, or just about anywhere else in the world." [Grantland]

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