This Evening: Ole Miss Hat Girl Has Creepy Online Suitors

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Your p.m. roundup for Sept. 6, the day we discovered a huge-ass crocodile. Reader Ryan sent the above photo and wrote, "I lost a bill on this game but it was worth it when a camera caught this girl. I found out my future wife is in Oxford but I need your help. Can we get some intel on this young lady?" So let's help him out. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


What we're watching (all times EDT, unless noted): Rainy weather may dictate otherwise, but MLB Network has Braves-Phillies or Dodgers-Nationals at 7. The U.S. Open coverage that ESPN2 was supposed to begin showing at 7 has already been wiped out.

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A 2006 profile of 18-year-old porn star Sasha Grey: "Sasha was 11 years old when she first watched a pornographic movie in 1999. By then the computer monitor was well on its way to becoming the preferred device for viewing porn. She belongs to the first generation that has come of age with pornography streaming into the home over the Internet. For teenagers like her, the traditional divide between pop culture and porn doesn't exist. The celebrity most fascinating to 13-year-old girls, Paris Hilton, also stars in one of the best-selling sex videos of all time. Even 18- and 19-year-old actresses in the Valley recall having favorite porn stars when they were still attending junior high school. ('N Sync, come back—all is forgiven.) At the same time, thousands of X-rated DVDs are being released with tides [sic] containing words like teen, little, virgin, fresh, tender, barely, and legal. Many feature teenage girls being degraded sexually by much older men. It's a new boom that requires a steady supply of Sasha Greys who were sexualized by the same easily accessible porn they now show up in." [Los Angeles Magazine]

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Sept. 6, 2007: Introducing Big Daddy Drew's Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo


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Now's a great time to release your starting QB: "The Jacksonville Jaguars made a surprising move Tuesday, letting go of their starting quarterback, veteran David Garrard, has learned. It's unclear what led to Garrard's release, but the team now plans to start Luke McCown in its season opener against the Tennessee Titans. Garrard, 33, has started 58 of 64 games for the Jaguars during the past four seasons. In 2010, he passed for 2,734 yards and 23 touchdowns while throwing 15 interceptions. The touchdowns and interceptions were career highs. He has thrown 89 touchdown passes and 54 interceptions in his career." [FOX Sports]

Rear-view mirror for Red River Rivalry?: Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops could see the Sooners moving to the Pac-12 Conference withoutTexas. And in the event of conference realignment, Stoops didn't rule out OU discontinuing its historic football series with the Longhorns either. ‘I don't think it's necessary' to continue playing, Stoops said Tuesday during his weekly news conference. ‘No one wants to hear that, but life changes. If it changes, you have to change with it, to whatever degree.'" [ESPN]


Drew on writing Drew's latest book: During a previous, short-lived gig as an aspiring stand-up comic, Mr. Magary said, he found himself in bars near closing time, surrounded by ‘miserable' fellow comics who wanted ‘nothing more' than to see him bomb. The experience led Mr. Magary to start blogging. It also helped him learn how to shrug off rejection. He sent "The Postmortal" to a second agent, Byrd Leavell of the New York-based Waxman Literary Agency. Drew, Mr. Leavelltold him, this is good. ‘That was one of those moments you have a daydream about it happening,' Mr. Magary said. ‘The person who reads your book is spellbound and amazed. I was jazzed. Then he told me that the whole second half of the book was wrong. And a lot of the first half. So I had to go back and learn how to write a novel while rewriting it.'" [Washington Times]

Your Ironic Icelandic Commercial Interlude:

Well, that didn't take long: "Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly has made a change: Tommy Rees will be the starting quarterback for Saturday night's game at Michigan. Kelly announced the decision Tuesday, three days after benching an ineffective Dayne Crist in Saturday's lackluster 23-20 loss to South Florida in the season-opener. Rees played well in the second half but an Irish rally fell short." [AP]


The code of conduct at the U.S. Open: "Based on records provided by the International Tennis Federation, male players were cited 43 times for ‘racket abuse' through Thursday's matches at the U.S. Open. Women? Not once. On the other hand, female players were cited for soliciting illegal coaching on 12 occasions, while men drew three such infractions." [Wall Street Journal]

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