This Glorious Goober Will Blow Your Mind With His Sick Archery Skills

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This video is nearly six minutes long. I understand that asking you, dear reader, to watch a six-minute video of some dude doing archery tricks in his garage and the woods by his house is a tall order, but you need to do this. You need to watch Lars Andersen, master of ancient and long-forgotten bow skills, do his damn thing.

You're hesitant, I can tell. But how do you feel about a guy demonstrating the inefficiency of the back quiver via staged, infomercial-style bloopers? How do you feel about Lars repeatedly crediting his archery skills to his study of "ancient manuscripts?" Would you like to watch my man Lars rollerblade past an array of targets, deftly pinging each one with a precision-guided arrow?

What if I told you that the motherfucker jumps into the air, catches an arrow that was fired at him by another archer, and then fires that arrow back before he hits the ground? At one point, he spins around and fires an arrow straight through another arrow that had just been fired at his back. Watch the video!


h/t Matt