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We love when the house loses. Nothing brought us more joy than seeing a Vegas patron get 999/1 odds on the Cardinals when they were seemingly out of the race in Mid-September, then cashing in big time. So while the Clippers, down by as many as 27 to Memphis in game 1 on Sunday, couldn't offer odds that good, they were all but counted out by sports books offering live event betting.


From a reader email to Barstool Sports, along with the accompanying screengrab:

The Grizzles were up 27 at this point with about 8 minutes to play. You could bet that the Clippers would win the game, 100 dollars down to win $55,555. As a joke, my boy put down 25 dollars to win close to thirteen grand. After a 3 pointer immediately after that by the Clippers, he put another 50 on it, for another 27k. Well, before my very eyes, the Clippers fucking won. Off 75 dollars my friend made $40,000 in cash.

Un-fucking-believable. He's graduating next week so this is probably one of the greatest things that could have ever happened to him.

The timing's a bit off. The Clips weren't 27 points behind after two minutes left in the third. They were still down 24 when they started their run with eight minutes remaining. Still, it's not hard to imagine some shady online sports book offering a +55555 moneyline on a game that looked for all the world like a laugher. Now let's hope they're not too shady to pay out.

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