Believe it or not, the Knicks' 41-point loss to the Celtics this Sunday has at least one fan fed up. This video from said disgruntled fan could be the new manifesto for Knicks fandom nation-wide. While it's probably in some part staged, everything "Billy" says is gospel.

Here's Billy on this season's particular disappointment:

For 13 years we ain't make the goddamn playoffs, and I ain't never spazzed about my goddamn Knicks. Because I already knew they were sorry! Isiah Thomas fucked the whole organization up! So if it we would've lost by 41 then, it would've been like "oh well, another day in the life of a New York Knick fan." But nigga we got talent!


Next, he turns his vitriol towards the players themselves:

Melo on down, no heart! "Why Melo?" Bitch, you the leader? Blame starts with your ass. Make somebody else better with your sorry ass. Amar'e? Bitch, you need Icy-Hot spray. Your motherfucking knees is shot! [...] Bargnani? I'm not blaming you, Bargnani. Because we brought you into this bullshit.

If you know some sad Knicks fans but don't want to spend money on any of the gifts we recommended for them, just forward a link to this video. It should provide a bit of catharsis.