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This Is A Painting Of George Washington Dunking On Kim Jong-un

Last month, Redditor fact_school_cat made a reasonable request. It read, in part,

There is not nearly enough art depicting our country's Founders playing basketball, a game which was not invented until 100 years after the final colony ratified the Constitution. I want this art...

I haven't quite decided on content, but I'm thinking either a team of Founding Fathers versus international enemies (think Kim Jong Eun — a real basketball fan) or versus a team of my least favorite players (think Andray Blatche). The game should probably take place in Philadelphia's basketball arena.

This is a strange but serious request.

Enter Aaron Needham, who Reddits as I_may_be_Dead. He took the commission, and produced the masterwork you see below. It's glorious.


If you'd like to commission Needham, you can reach him at his website or at

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