This Is Almost Certainly The Worst Double-Pass Play You Will Ever See

Wednesday night’s excruciating bowl game between Cal and TCU featured 17 total points and nine combined interceptions, and needed an overtime field goal for the nominal winner to slink out of there with somehow even less dignity than their vanquished foe. Of those nine interceptions, believe it or not, this was not the worst one:


But that’s only because several hours earlier, this happened:

At no point was that play anywhere close to producing anything remotely positive for TCU. But fate, I suppose, rewarded TCU’s, um, ambition in the end. Back to the overtime interception: College football’s bogus overtime rules (plus an incredibly stupid penalty) negated some of the 84-yard return and gave TCU the ball at Cal’s 40-yard line*. Hilariously, TCU needed 10 plays to move to Cal’s 10-yard line, where they lined up and mercifully converted a game-winning field goal. Now both teams will be unceremoniously stuffed into a whirring garbage disposal, where they absolutely belong.