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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

"This Is Almost Like A Modern Day Crucifixion": Penn State Players React To Paterno's Dismissal

Illustration for article titled This Is Almost Like A Modern Day Crucifixion: Penn State Players React To Paternos Dismissal

Last night, the members of the Penn State football team watched the man who more than likely played a major role in bringing them to Happy Valley get unceremoniously canned. While thousands of other students took to the streets to tip over news vans and get pepper-sprayed, the current Nittany Lions elected to share their thoughts in a different venue—Twitter. Here's what they had to say.


Safety Adrian Amos:

Smh this is crazy...Joe Pa made Penn st. The successful college it is today

Tackle Quinn Barham:

Can't even let him finish the season??! Come on now

Quarterback Rob Bolden:

This week has been like a movie..messed up

Defensive End Deion Barnes:

Its a sad day, they aint have to do him like dat..he did 2 much 4 dis skool 4 them 2 do him like that


Punter Alex Butterworth:

Can't sleep....Sick to my stomach but got to sleep and get ready for a a game, but not just any game...Let's play our damn hearts out

Tackle Nate Cadogan:

Yaw ready to riot!!!

Tackle Donovan Smith:

That's crazy over the phone!!!!!! That's CHILDISH! Who does that?

Wide Receiver Allen Robinson :

Smh all he has done for this program and then they turn on him

Wide Receiver Andrew Goodman:


Wide Receiver Mike Wallace:

This is almost like a modern day crucifixion

Defensive Back Tim Buckley:

Sad night in state college

Defensive Tackle Devon Still:

Can't even shake my own head coach's hand wen I run out into beaver stadium for the last time...yall dk how much this man has done


Quarterback Garrett Venuto:

I'm honestly sick to my stomach

Wide Receiver Christian Kuntz :

Sick. Just sick.

And Kuntz again, expressing similar surprise just a few hours before JoePa was ousted:

No modern family on tonight?


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