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This Is Also Why NBA Refs Drive Cabs In The Offseason

The big story this morning? A study by a couple of Ivy Leaguers "reveals" that white referees call disproportionately high number of foul calls on black players and, to a lesser extent, vice versa. We find it amusing, first off, that they found enough white players for the study.

NBA Tiny Man Of Unending Power David Stern is refuting the results, saying the NBA, after initially seeing the study last year, has done its own study that, shockingly, finds there is no racial bias. The best part of the study: It claims that a team of five white players, all things being equal, would win an average of two more games a season. Sure. All things being equal.


We have a feeling this study could end up having real legs; NBA players typically don't need much of an excuse anyway to grouse about calls, but they certainly were handed one here. We hope Rasheed Wallace doesn't realize he's black.

Study Of N.B.A. Sees Racial Bias In Calling Fouls [New York Times]

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