We told you the other day all about Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, including his little arrest last June, when he was charged with three misdemeanors after a late-night fight in College Station. In a nutshell, Manziel got in a fight, a College Station municipal police officer broke up the fight, Manziel handed the cop an ID that said he was 21, the cop was skeptical, and eventually the cop found a fake and a real driver's license in Manziel's wallet. Manziel is actually 19.


This all took place on June 29 at 2:10 a.m. Now, it was also reported at the time that the fight involved Manziel and a 47-year-old man named Marvin McKinney, and that it started after one of Manziel's friends, Steven Brant, had allegedly called McKinney "a racial slur." After McKinney approached Brant, Manziel got between them, but eventually Manziel pushed McKinney, and the two began fighting.

Below is the entire police report, including the separate probable cause statements for all three misdemeanors with which Manziel was charged: disorderly conduct, failure to identify, and possession of a fictitious driver's license. The report for the disorderly charge contains more specific information about the fight: McKinney, who is black, said Brant had allegedly looked at him, pointed, and shouted, "You black nigger," thus angering McKinney, who confronted Brant and Manziel.

The report goes on note that an independent eyewitness, Christopher Moody, confirmed that Brant had called McKinney a "nigger." From there, this is what it says:

Moody said that when Marvin approached the two males, he began to get close to Steven who had called him the vulgar word. [Manziel] stepped in between Steven and Marvin and told Marvin that Steven had not meant to say the word and that he was taking him home. Moody said that Marvin continued to push against [Manziel] and [Manziel] shoved Marvin in the chest. Marvin then swung at [Manziel] who charged Marvin and began punching Marvin back.


The report goes on to say the cop could smell alcohol on Manziel's breath and clothing, and that Manziel's eyes "were red, bloodshot, and glassy, and his speech was slurred when he spoke." And, this:

[Manziel] appeared to be so intoxicated that he could not answer my questions about the incident except to tell me that he wanted a ride home and was sorry.

When the cop questioned Manziel about the info on what turned out to be a fake Louisiana driver's license, Manziel did fine until he was asked his birth date, which he allegedly gave as "12/06/1992"—his actual birthdate—before quickly trying to correct the year to 1990. The cop kept quizzing Manziel on the year he was born, and Manziel allegedly kept calling audibles at the line, rotating his answer between "1990" and "1992." That's when the cop checked Manziel's wallet and found two other licenses, both issued by the state of Texas. One was allegedly fake, and one was real.


The report does not indicate what happened to Manziel's shirt. The final line on Manziel, according to the cops: stopped a racial brawl, incited a drunken brawl instead, forgot to lie, lied anyway, and wound up shirtless in front of a police camera for reasons not disclosed. That's our kind of Heisman candidate.

Johnny Manziel disorderly charge


Johnny Manziel failure to ID

Johnny Manziel false ID


Photograph courtesy of Brazos County's Judicial Records Search at: http://justiceweb.co.brazos.tx.us