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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

This Is Just A Terrible, Terrible Goal

If there is an anti-golazo, it's this. Witness, from France, one of the worst goals you'll see. On a penalty, the goalkeeper makes the initial save and as he does a sort of celebratory trot, he's bested by some downright sneaky english.

Here, via a French website run through Google translate, is a little bit more context:

Sunday, February 9, the LCA Foot 38 Gresivaudan faced. After extra time, the score was 5-5. It was therefore necessary to separate the two teams in a shootout goals. A session that allowed a player ACL to include a particularly unusual goal.


It's impossible to tell whether the man screaming after the goal dribbles in is happy or upset, but he is very emphatic.

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