This Is Just The Saddest Thing Written About The Jaguars

We may earn a commission from links on this page. will dedicate a blogger to each and every NFL team. Makes sense—fans can't get enough football. Well, most fans. From Poynter's story on the announcement: Editor-in-Chief Patrick Stiegman looked at the site’s data for how much time users spent on the top 100 teams it covered. Of the 32 teams at the top of that list, 31 were NFL teams.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were the only NFL team that didn’t make that list, King said, but he said ESPN decided to cover all the teams anyway.

"Anyway." So cold. Be sure to click on ESPN's Jags stuff, because it's for a good cause and they get a tax write-off.

In other Jaguars news, the NFL is trying to convert Londoners one person at a time. The grand-prize winner of a contest on NFLUK will win a flight and tickets to a Jags game. Second place is presumably tickets to two Jags games. (Yeah, it's a bad joke. But it's a bad team.)