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This Is Not The Home Run Derby Lineup, MLB Says

San Diego will host MLB’s All-Star Week in July, and a reader at the Padres’ park today sent along a photo of a scoreboard graphic for the Home Run Derby. We asked MLB if it was legit or just a plausible roster used to test the graphics, and you can decide whether or not you believe them.

The derby will keep the single-elimination bracket format introduced last year. The names on the Petco scoreboard, for those who can’t read them: Robinson Cano, Mark Trumbo, Todd Frazier, Manny Machado, Nolan Arenado, Yoenis Cespedes, Trevor Story, and Matt Kemp.


Most of those names are at the top of the MLB leaderboard for home runs this season. (The number of dingers next each name are all too high, however. Maybe they’re projections for the All-Star Week?) Kemp, who currently has the fewest home runs of the group, plays for the host team.

When shown the photo, an MLB spokesperson denied that this was the lineup. “We have a month to go until we get to that point,” he said. “Haven’t spoken to one player.”

But if Manny Machado does win this year’s derby, you saw it here first.

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