The Stars were supposed to reveal their new logo and uniforms at a big, formal event on June 4. Yesterday, the team pushed out what appears to be the logo, as a wallpaper option on their official iPhone app. Oops?

Probably not an oops. These official-unofficial "leaks" are becoming the standard for logo reveals. Over just the past year, we've seen: the Nets logo on the wall of an under-construction Barclays Center; the Astros logo sold on iPhone cases; the Dolphins logo on some ready-to-ship merchandise. All put out to build up buzz before the official unveiling—and with the internet, just as effective.

Here's how owner Tom Gaglardi described what the Stars were going for back in January:

"What I wanted for this franchise was a logo and a look and a crest that when you look at it has timeless, original-six, vintage, classic qualities to it."


The problem is, (If there's a problem; I think it's a decent logo, though the internet is giving more mixed reviews), no one will ever mistake the Stars for an Original Six team, and it's not particularly original. As Puck Daddy points out, the above logo, lodged in a circular crest, seems tailor made for jersey fronts—just like those broken out in recent years by teams like Florida, St. Louis, and Minnesota. I know Dallas was thinking Boston's spoked B, but everyone else is thinking Winnipeg. That's not a good thing.

Here's a look at the logo without the crest. Now this could look good on a chest, or on a shoulder—but the smaller the better. The Stars have confirmed that green will be their new primary color, and the only team currently doing green—the Wild, with their third jerseys—walk a fine line of cluttering up a color that can't support much ornamentation.