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This Is Probably The New Titans Jersey

Do you care about a slight uniform change for the NFL’s most anonymous team? I bet you do.

The Titans are scheduled to unveil their new uniforms at an event in Nashville on Wednesday evening. Controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk described the new design as “not minor” but also “not a total color change,” perhaps to calm down fans apprehensive about the teases that promised the color red would be involved.


As always happens with these things, there was a leak. This photo went around Twitter on Monday night. (I don’t know who had it first, but this was the earliest timestamp I could find.)

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Photo: About eight dozen people on Twitter

The photo looks like it was taken at an apparel store, which receives these jerseys in advance to be able to put them on sale right after the official unveiling. So that checks out. So does the fact that the NFL is reportedly investigating the leak. (Honestly, that basically confirms that this is real. The league dropped the ball if they wanted to maintain the surprise. But perhaps this is all part of the viral rollout, and they understand that more people are going to be looking at this here than will be watching the livesteam on the Titans’ official site tomorrow. Crafty, crafty.)

So, assuming this is legit, what about the jersey on its own merits? It looks, to my untrained, eye, pretty much the same. I had to pull up these photos of the current home jersey to compare. (Remember, the light-blue-primary is an alternate, even if they wear it as or more often.)

So what’s new? The fonts. The light blue on the flanks. The white across the shoulders. The threatened red is apparently limited to the Nike logo. The sword logo across the shoulders is gone.

The biggest change to the uniform might not be in the jersey itself. According to A To Z Sports Nashville, the Titans’ helmets will switch from a white base to a navy blue one. So I’ll reserve final judgment until I see the complete package. But I expect to have completely forgotten within days about this redesign, and I don’t even think my memory will be jogged when I first see them in action this fall.

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