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This Is The Most T.O. Thing You've Ever Done

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When the season is actually delayed, we'll hate the NFL lockout for that. But for now we're just pissed at Goodell and/or De Smith that there's no football news out there. Summers suck for sports, and NFL draft/free agency/holdouts/training camp talk are an entire second season that we're lacking. Which is why we're always happy to have the headline-making Terrell Owens in our lives.


Most Terrell Owens stories are amusing — a fun-loving guy loving to have fun. Not this one. This one's major surgery. "Dr. James Andrews" major. And yet, it's still the frontrunner for bizarre story of the year, because of the mysterious circumstances of the injury.

Drew Rosenhaus leaked to Chris Mortensen that it happened during a workout. But Mort also heard another side of the story, and we'll be forever grateful that: Mort was forced to report that the injury may have occurred while taping a VH1 show called Single Ladies.


Single Ladies, hailed as "a depressing, brain-free soap opera" by critics, is not about sports, like some VH1 shows. Nor is it about Chad Ochocinco like some other VH1 shows. So perhaps you were playing yourself, perhaps in a scene that required athletics with ACL-tearing potential.

We don't know, and we don't know how responsible VH1 is. Perhaps your leg was caught under the debris of Stacey Dash's career. Perhaps it was a kneecapping on Mob Wives. Perhaps they persuaded you to get physical therapy on Celebrity Rehab.

Or perhaps you were just playing basketball, when you probably shouldn't have been.

More details will come out shortly, of that we're confident. Until then, we love you, T.O., we want you to get better soon, and we're wondering if maybe your heart isn't in football anymore, and maybe it hasn't been in some time.

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