Leaking, and debating the leaks of the national team jerseys is something of a pastime for American soccer fans, the Apple fanboys of sports. With new designs on the horizon, the winter has seen its fair share of speculation. First was the blocky stripes of the supposed home uniform, which found a grudging acceptance—a grudgceptance, if you will—but who the hell knows if it's legit.

That home design would echo the vertical red and white stripes of the 1994 away jersey, and makes a lot of sense paired with one of the proposed away kits that have leaked this month. The star-spangled look of the 1994 "denim" shirt makes another appearance in this alleged 2012 design. There's a sort of retro symmetry, but remember this: everyone hated those 1994 jerseys. They laughed at them. US Soccer parted ways with Adidas the following year, and though no one will say it was because of those denim jerseys, it was because of those denim jerseys.

Thankfully, the other potential away design is both more palatable and likely. This photo made the rounds a couple of weeks ago, showing an understated blue-on-blue that updates the team's current "sash." And today that jersey reportedly showed up on Nike's online shop for a hot second before being taken down, giving it an air of legitimacy.

Or, everything could be fake. Which isn't particularly the point.

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