Napoli beat Manchester City 2-1 today in UEFA Champions League play. Edinson Cavani scored both goals for the Italian side. He hadn't scored since late October, and his breaking of the drought put Man City in a tough spot for advancing to the knockout stage.

However, the side note worth making note of involves Napoli midfielder Marek Hamsik's pregnant wife getting carjacked at gunpoint a few hours before the match.

Local reports before the Group A clash suggested that the Slovakian playmaker would miss the game following his wife's ordeal, in which armed men stopped her BMW in Naples before threatening her with a gun.

Hamsik's wife, Martina Franova, was forced to abandon her car before it was driven off by the men, who dumped the vehicle in Ceselle, near Naples. Police were able to find the car as it was fitted with a tracking device and it has since been returned to Hamsik and his wife. An investigation has been launched.


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