This Is What Old Navy Thinks Bloggers Wear

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Good news, everyone: Old Navy has launched a line that caters to blogging scum so you don’t have to deal with any pesky browsing to get the latest... writer fashion. Blogger looks, baby!


I can’t get particularly angry over most of these boring, inoffensive picks. For transparency: I’m wearing a plain blue t-shirt, jeans, and regular sneakers, which is a boring and inoffensive outfit. It’s Wednesday. I have no one to impress.

Old Navy accurately went with the theme of comfort, here. None of the pants appear to require belts and those drawstring joggers are dangerously close to sweatpants. (As someone who abhors sweatpants, I can’t support this.) When I worked/work from home, I wore/wear gym shorts or actual pants, if I didn’t/don’t want to feel sloppy.


The shoes are a waste of money. Who wears shoes while blogging from home anyway, outside of TV characters? Don’t get the shoes.

On a less negative note, the patterned short-sleeved shirt looks fine, as well as the plain T-shirts, but that’s because everyone can wear a plain T-shirt. That’s not blogger-specific wear. Plain T-shirts are great.

Please avoid the fedora.

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