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This Is What Team Deadspin Looked Like At Last Night's Company Outing To The Mets Game

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Your morning roundup for Sept. 1, the day we learned how to make it rain. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


The photo above is no exaggeration, nor has it been doctored in any way. Gawker had a field trip to Citi Field for Marlins-Mets, and not even the lure of an open bar in an executive suite was enough to rustle up the staff from the company's lone sports site. Then again, I was the only Deadspinner who did bother to go, so perhaps the rest of the crew was trying to tell me something?


I had put the question out a day earlier, just to gauge interest from the rest of the gang.

"Is anyone going to that Mets game tomorrow?"

To which came this reply: "Roughly 12,000 people, I'd say."

And yesterday evening, as the room began to empty with others boarding the buses that would take everyone to Flushing, there was this: "And then everyone but the sports blog went to the Mets game."

I did field a handful of questions from those at the other sites and in other departments about where the rest of the Deadspinners were. "Aw, you know," went my standard reply, "it's the Mets." And even though watching baseball had little to do with the actual goings-on, and even though it really was a rather enjoyable evening, I have to say: everyone who asked me the question kinda understood.

Things You'll Probably Read Today On Deadspin

• College football season begins this evening, and we've got a few items planned.


• Scocca's doing something on the Top 25 or so college football programs.

• More QUICKLINKS. Can't have enough of those.

Thursday before a holiday weekend. Almost there. The promise of football will get us through.



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