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This Is What You'll Look Like If You Refuse To Let Go Of A Police Officer's Groin

Add Frank Slowik's face to the list of tonight's remarkable shoplifting-involved mugshots. The Chicago Sun-Times says that Johnny Law "found about $1,000 worth of stolen seafood and meat" in Frankie's car, but it's the run-up to the meat discovery that's important. To wit:

Officers were called to the store at 3:20 a.m. for a report of a possible shoplifter and encountered a man, later identified as [Frank] Slowik, running from a store employee. Mellema said one of the police officers ran after Slowik, grabbed him and wrestled him to the ground.

As the officers tried to restrain him, Slowik grabbed a second officer's groin and refused to let go, Mellema said. The officer then struck him several times in the face with his hand in an effort to get him to release his grip, Mellema said. ...

Park Ridge Police Cmdr. David Keller said the department investigates whenever an officer uses force against a suspect. Keller said he believes the force used during Slowik's arrest was acceptable and necessary.


Cops: Suspect beaten after refusing to let go of officer's groin [Sun-Times] (H/T Kevin C.)

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