Even though the Red Sox are in all too familiar territory, most sports-related "experts" think their potential to stage another comeback this year is highly unlikely. This pervasive negativity is due in most part to Tim Wakefield having the unfortunate role of stopper this time around. Wakefield, as you all know, is the knuckleball specialist who's only real success in recent post season appearances for the Red Sox has come from not pitching in games. He's 0-2 with a 9.22 ERA in three playoff starts since 2004. But remember! Wakefield is 19-3 lifetime against the Rays ...until last Sept. 17th when he gave up three homers and six runs in 2 1-3 innings in a 10-3 loss. But the pervasive doom-and-gloom also comes from the lack of offensive production because their bats are dead. It also comes from Josh Beckett's crappy outing, the Rays destroying Jon Lester, and the lack of Manny in the lineup. And, if you listen to Ken Rosenthal, it's because they're still just too damn white. But all negativity aside, I still can't see the Rays completely dismantling them in two games. But we'll know soon enough if the young Rays are totally spooked by Wakefield's bloopy balls this time around. For the record, I don't want to see the Rays in the World Series this year. Their cute story ended with me a long time ago. As much as I despise this year's Red Sox with their overflowing Phi Kappa Sigma-ness, I'm not yet ready to embrace some cuddly upstarts from Tampa, much less watch them for another two weeks. It's too much fun to hate in sports. Hate is good for sports. Let's keep the hate. ***** Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. And just like Ice Cube, please keep jackin 'for SKEETS.