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This Is Why NASCAR Fans and Wall Street Journal Readers Don't Mix

The Wall Street Journal's web editors may have touched a nerve with this package about the history of NASCAR. I'm not sure Dale Earnhardt fans consider his death to be a "highlight" of racing history.

Maybe you're the kind of person who considers your grandmother's funeral to be a "highlight" of your life, but most race fans probably don't see it that way. Even more insulting? The article that this picture and caption accompany erroneously claims that Earnhardt's nickname was "The Black Knight." Blaspheme!


Why is the Journal writing about NASCAR in the first place? They haven't gone bankrupt yet, have they? No, its just that some egghead professor has a theory that the sport is a descendant of medieval jousting, because fans travel from all over the country; hold days-long celebrations of mirth, music, food and wine (ok, Bud); admire the dangerous and suspenseful action; and revere the participants as if they were gods upon the Earth.

Yeah, that's also known as "every sport ever." Nice try.

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