The wailing about access to the players everywhere has always smacked of the nerds being granted access to the cool kids’ table and then having it yanked away and their horror at having to return to their D&D gatherings on Friday nights (and those are great!). They just miss saying they were there. Reporters in Europe have never had access to a locker room and yet have found a way to do their jobs just as effectively A shared zone would have to be worked out, and players would probably have to be forced into being a part of it more than they are now to talk in their locker room when they’re fresh out of the shower.


But the reason the media can’t get most of us to care is that access isn’t used for anything. These reporters might not cover a bigger story than how sports and COVID exist, even if that’s running out. And here they just flapped their flippers together and barked for another fish like the trained seals they mostly act like. It’s never been clear why a tough question can only be asked in a locker room. And it’s becoming more obvious that they don’t get asked there anyway.