This Is Why Nobody Should Play For Jim Boeheim

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Jim Boeheim continues to be a giant shit. On this morning's episode of SportsCenter, the Syracuse coach got on some snake shit and did what he could to damage Tyler Ennis's career. He did this because he sucks.

As a freshman point guard, Ennis averaged 12.9 points and 5.5 assists per game while leading Syracuse to a 28-6 record and a victory in the NCAA tournament. This bolstered his draft stock to the point that he is now a projected lottery pick. So like any sane person would, he decided to leave Syracuse and enter the draft so that he can finally start getting paid to play basketball.

At this point, it would be nice for Boeheim to be as supportive as possible of his former player, the one who just spent a season racking up wins for Boeheim's program. It would be nice for Boeheim to go on TV and say nice things about Tyler Ennis's NBA potential, hoping that some NBA general managers might take his plaudits to heart and maybe place Ennis a little bit higher on their draft boards. As a very rich person who just spent a year profiting from Ennis's free labor, Boeheim owes his former point guard at least that much.


Instead, Boeheim went on national TV and talked shit about the guy. Why he thinks this is OK is beyond me. It was one thing when he did it in a subversive attempt to convince Ennis to stay at Syracuse for another season—there was at least a clear motive fueling that instance of assholery—but these latest comments are definitionally petty. Ennis is gone, having already declared for the draft. All Boeheim is doing when he goes on TV and says stuff like this is hurting him, without any discernible purpose that doesn't involve killing—or at least tossing a rock at—the chicken to scare the monkeys.

This makes Jim Boeheim, one of the most loyal soldiers in the NCAA's cartel, an old and petty fuck that nobody should play for. If you want to play for a prestigious program and probably win a lot of games, go to Syracuse, but don't expect your coach to even pretend he actually gives a shit about you, and don't expect him to do anything for you once you're done lining his pockets.