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This Is Why They Keep John Daly Away From Golf Carts

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The fine folks at Bad Jocks have compiled an outstanding reference resource: The Top 20 Blood Alcohol Content Leaders (Athlete Division), ranking the drunkest DUI athlete arrests.

You'll find great names like Bears "legend" Jim McMahon, Jets defensive lineman John Abraham and Lions not-gay quarterback Jeff Garcia. The all-time winner? Frostberg State field hockey player Carly Cross, who was nailed at the end of last year (underage, no less) and clocked a .365. How bad is that? According to the Blood Alcohol Content Calculator, a 100-pound person could have eight doubles on the rocks in an hour and only be at .36. Pretty amazing.


The Top 20 Blood Alcohol Content Leaders (Athlete Division) [BadJocks]
Blood Alcohol Content Calculator [University of Oklahoma Police Department]

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