Wanna see something crazy? Behold AC Milan's Jérémy Ménez score the most impressive goal you'll ever see from less than a yard out. Video below:

Normally, goals scored off of defensive errors are gimmies. This one, though, where Ménez has to chase down a defender, intercept his backpass before the keeper can reach it, deftly flick it to one side of the goalie, run around the opposite side of him, then catch up to the ball and backheel it over the keeper into the back of the net was something else.

We thought we'd be watching Milan—a bad team run by incompetent bosses—this season mainly for the Fernando Torres misses but if they can keep scoring like this (the above was but one goal from their 5-4 shootout victory against Parma), we might just stay for the intentional entertainment.