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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

This Just In: Italian Soccer Steeped In Gayness

Illustration for article titled This Just In: Italian Soccer Steeped In Gayness

So big news recently if you're a fan of Italian soccer or gayness; a third-division player known only as 'Victory' has claimed that he has been paid for sex by 12 well-known Serie A stars, and that the encounters took place at the end of games in hotels and sometimes even in changing rooms.


Homosexuality in Italian soccer? You'll never get me to believe that.

"I am talking about important players,' said Victory in a televised interview with TV station La 7. 'Serie A players even internationals and married players. We are talking about more than just kissing.' Victory said that he had become a rent boy to try to supplement his footballer's income and said that he would often escort players to functions.

"I charge 1500 euros (£1300) and the players pay up no problem. Most of the time we meet in hotels after matches, that's when they get their only free time. 'They just want to relax and they don't have any problems kissing me on the mouth. But they are all terrified of being found out.

"I have about 30 clients who are footballers and I would say that a dozen are Serie A and national team players — several times I have been asked to take part in group sex sessions. A lot of them are bisexual, they are married or have girlfriends. They have a respectable image but none of them will ever admit to being gay, not for the time being anyway."


His revelations come just weeks after MP Franco Grillini, president of Italian gay group Archigay, said there were at least '20 homosexual footballers in Serie A'. "A lot of these players have girlfriends or wives — it's all a facade put there as a cover," Grillini said."They are really scared of coming out because they are terrified what the supporters would say."

Here's "Victory" spilling his guts on Italian TV ... except that he doesn't actually name names, and the Obi-wan robe makes him totally anonymous. So what was the point of this again? Oh yeah, soccer is very gay. Sorry, but once again I'm just not buying it.

Beckham Can Bank On At Least One Admirer In Milan As Italian Player Claims: Serie A Stars Have Paid Me For Sex [Daily Mail]

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