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This Kid Has Never Been A Fan Of Kool-Aid

The young gentleman shown here — the one in the middle — is Rob Jones, a senior at Riordan High in Northern California. He's one of the top athletes in the Bay Area and will play basketball for San Diego in college next year. He seems like a pretty well adjusted kid, which is impressive, considering his grandfather is Jim Jones from the Jonestown suicide compound, the Kool-Aid guy.

"They come up to me all the time," Rob Jones said. "I have people who I've gone to school with for four years who pull me aside. They tell me they talked about it in religion class or life-studies class. I've grown up my whole life knowing, but people are so shocked about it."

We respect that Jones seems so normal, considering his grandfather was responsible for the suicide of hundreds of people, and his father's name is actually Jim Jones Jr. We wish him good luck down the line, though, just to be safe, let's hold off naming him team captain, OK?


Building His Own Legacy [San Francisco Chronicle]

(By the way, we distinctly remember being shown the TV-movie of the Jonestown tragedy in grade school, when we were, like, 10. We are astounded by this memory. Nobody else's weird teachers showed them that in grade school, did they? Might just be that Mattoon school system.)


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