Perhaps one is free to leave trash under one's seat at movie theaters or stadiums: popcorn, Pepsi, (Neifi) Perez memorabilia‚ÄĒbut we ought to draw the line well short of endometrial cells.

The above lady in the cutoffs, the one who attended Friday's Cubs-Reds game with the fellow in the Kerry Wood jersey, flouted Wrigley Field ground rules and general Western hygiene standards. My lord.

Reader Mark writes in, [sic]'d, because of the emotional trauma inflicted upon him:

So I was on my first trip tp Wrigley. The train ride in was full of drunk, sweaty under-age teens headd to lalapalooza. Cubs are taking on the Reds, so the game was meaningless. It was a great afternoon until we noticed what was below us. There are 3 picture. One of them is of the ass of the girl that sat in the seat(s) in front of us. We thought it was weird they kept switchong seats but now we know why they moved around so much. Yes that is two tampons...boyth appear to be used.

Here's the less gory of the two (the other you can see here, if you're not squeamish):


OK. There you have it. Even when things get better for the Cubbies, they get worse. God. I'm gonna go throw up now.