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This bespeckled elderly gentleman is Silas Simmons, and he was recently discovered to be the oldest living Negro Leagues ballplayer. He is 110 ... wha? He's 110??!! And he's 111 next month? Jesus.

Anyway, he played for the Homestead Grays in 1913, the New York Lincoln Giants in 1926 and the San Francisco Giants in 2005.

Simmons held that old sepia photo of the 1913 Homestead Grays for those long 20 seconds, he gradually decided that one face did ring a bell. He fixed on it and pointed his weathered hand at the player sitting in the middle row, second from the right. He said nothing as he pointed.

Who is that? he was asked.

"That's Si Simmons," he said.

Really? Was he sure?

"That's me," he declared. "Oh, we had good times."


What's the secret to Simmons' longevity? He watches Tampa Bay Devil Rays games. Honestly: That's pretty much the last thing on earth we would have thought would keep someone alive.

Baseball's Oldest Old-Timer Opens a Window [New York Times]

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