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On Saturday, the Memphis Tigers played the Southeast Missouri State Redhawks in a meh game no one really cared about. But in said meh game, this ridiculous fast break happened, which if not the best play of the year so far, has to be the most fun.

After a Redhawk player lost his handle while trying to penetrate into the paint, senior guard Michael Dixon scooped up the loose ball, and tossed it backwards over his head to start the break. Two Memphis players chased it down, but Geron Johnson got to the ball first, and flipped a completely unnecessary behind-the-back pass to Chris Crawford, who faded to the corner for an ostensibly wide open three. Instead of shooting, though, Crawford immediately threw an alley-oop to Shaq Goodwin, who sprinted the length of the floor to finish at the rim.


In some sense, it was a perfect basketball fast break: everyone sprinting down the court, not a single dribble, and an extra pass for the easy finish. But there was also the no-look, over-the head outlet into space into the behind the back pass into an alley-oop. Seems legit.

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