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This NESN Reporter Does Not Seem To Understand Irony

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NESN reporter Ben Watanabe is very upset at the Philadelphia 76ers. If you were to read the first half of this, you might come away with the impression that Ben Watanabe is upset at the Sixers for being so tight-lipped with the media about Andrew Wiggins's recent pre-draft workouts. But that's not really why Watanabe is upset. He's upset because the Sixers lack perspective, you see.


From the article referenced above:

Listen, this is not about a few sportswriters whining about being left out on the street, literally. The plight of a few beat reporters doesn't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. But that's entirely the point.

More than a dozen people were killed in Nigeria on Tuesday by a suicide bomber at a World Cup watch party. Iraq is devolving into greater unrest as ISIS militants gains ground. One of the greatest gentlemen in sports, Tony Gwynn, died Monday of cancer of the salivary glands. He was 54 years old. These are real-life things.

When you are involved with professional sports, either covering it or running an organization, it can be easy to forget that it is only sports. It is only a business. No one's life is at stake, and treating something as harmless as a draft workout as though it were a state secret shows an alarming lack of perspective.

[Opens mouth to speak]

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