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If you're looking for cringeworthy discussion that has no earthly place being on television, look no further than this clip from NFL Network yesterday. (And for the record, South Park is in the midst of its 16th season on Comedy Central. It's like trying to explain The Simpsons to someone. If they don't already know, why bother?)

Tipster Josh M. alerted us to this clip, with the following explainer:

In one of the weirdest, peak-under-the-Lizard-People-veil sports broadcasting moments in my memory, the on-air "talent" try eerily to explain animation in general, the concept of South Park, and the concept of catchphrases, all in the year 2012. The creepiness factor is then compounded when they trip over their lines, and in an attempt to recover, SIMPLY RESTART THE SAME INSANELY CREEPY DIALOGUE, signaling that the entire thing was scripted to begin with. It gets awkward. Like they're all realizing they they've...said too much. Why? Why would they do this?


Why, indeed.

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