This Nick Young Impression From Byron Scott and James Worthy Is Epic

So, this is just great. Former Los Angeles Lakers teammates Byron Scott and James Worthy were on Time Warner Cable Sportsnet prior to a Lakers game, when they were charged with doing their best Nick "Swaggy P" Young impression. Turns out, Swaggy P sounds exactly how we all expect Swaggy P to sound.


It's always fun watching fossils make fun of young guys, but Scott and Worthy were really going for it. It's funny through the end, when Scott finishes off with that silky Swaggy P voice, "My primary job is I'ma come and do what Swaggy P do—I'ma score the ball—so I'm about to get 19, 20 tonight. That's just Swaggy P talkin' to ya."

Sounds accurate.

[Time Warner Cable Sportsnet]