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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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We were meandering around the NBA Auctions site earlier today — the life of a sports blogger is a lonely, isolated one — and the Detroit Pistons, in particular, are selling some awfully HAWT items, we have to say.


Ever had the desire to own the official laundry bag — "used," even! — of Pistons swingman Tayshaun Prince! Now you can! (It's only $150. Strange: No bids yet.) Of course, that's nothing compared to the Antonio McDyess autographed Salvation Army apron. That's 50 bucks, probably because it doesn't say whether or not he actually wore the apron. If it's just a random apron, jeez, who would want that?

Tayshaun Prince Autographed and Used Laundry Bag []
Antonio McDyess Autographed Salvation Army Apron []

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