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This Other Angle Of The Eagles Fan Running Into A Pillar Really Delivers [Update]

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Anyone monitoring Philadelphia’s reaction to the Super Bowl-bound Eagles has presumably seen the video of the guy in the Brian Dawkins jersey running into a pillar. That instant classic of the Idiot Gets Hurt genre was shot from inside the subway train, and is now joined by a companion piece—an alternate angle shot from the platform, which reveals a brief origin story of the guy in the Brian Dawkins jersey. This one is somehow even better.

The added context begins with the information that this video was shot before the game. The guy in the Brian Dawkins jersey was trying to pump everyone up when he inadvertently put that pillar in the role of Dawkins himself while running alongside the train. Also he bounced his head off the moving train. He was slow to get up, but he indeed did get up.

Still, it feels like this story has not yet been told all the way. There need to be more angles, more perspectives, more knowledge about the man only known as the dude who ran into a concrete pillar because he loves the dang Eagles so much. There need to be at least two more videos to create a version of Rashomon in which every perspective lines up exactly the same and reveals the same truth—drunk Eagles fans stay hurting themselves. (Really, though, if you do have any good videos of celebrating Eagles fans, we’d love to see them.) For posterity, here’s the extended version of the other view:

Update (6:02 p.m. ET): The guy in the Brian Dawkins jersey has spoken to the AP, and he says he’s doing fine. He said he was headed to the game after having “a few drinks.”


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